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Scooter tours from Fjätervålen

No driver's license is required for guided tours, one of the following driving licenses is sufficient: Car, MC, tractor license or AM card, regardless of when they are issued.

Regarding the helmet, the following applies! All adults and children over the age of eight who ride the scooter can borrow helmets from us, children under the age of eight may ride in a ski helmet, everyone who rides in a sled after the scooter does not have to wear a helmet.

All prices include VAT

Tour 1, Morning tour 2 h

Week 6-16: Thurs : 9.30-11.30

We stop at the "grillkåta" where we offer coffee and warm juice. Opportunity to drive freely in a restricted area.
Price SEK 1200 per scooter.
An additional SEK 300 for a sled.

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Tour 2, Tour with hotdog grilling 3 h

Week 6-16: Thurs: 12.30-15.30, Fri, Sat : 9.30-12.30.

We go on a wonderful snowmobile ride in the mountains, above the tree line, to a barbecue hut, where we grill sausages and have coffee in front the fire, we offer sausages, coffee and hot juice, meanwhile free riding with the scooters within a limited area.
Price SEK 1500 per scooter.
An additional SEK 300 for a sled.
In bad weather, we keep to lower terrain.

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Tour 3, Wilderness Tour

Week 6-16 : Fri: 13.30-17.00.

We have a great scooter tour in the mountains above the tree line, then we serve homemade moose goulash, coffee and warm squash. After that, a nice and warm sauna and 40 degree hot tub. Everything is included even bath towels. We stop along the way for some free riding with the scooters. The scooter tour takes 3.5 hours. For the sauna you will have to take your own car to Lövåsgården directly after the scooter tour.​
Pris 2000 :- / skoter.
300 :- i tillägg för släde.
In bad weather, we keep to lower terrain.

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